Sunday, January 22, 2012


completely at my wits end with my 14 year old daughter's attitude, it struck me that she's just giving back what i give to her. 
ceratinly nothing earth shattering, nothing most parents haven't already realized or read, but none-the-less, something that really struck me last night. 
i can't expect her to treat me any differently than i treat her.  after all, i've been the model of human interaction for her for 14 years.  if i'm honest, it hasn't all been that great. 
i have a short temper that i control in front of others, but let loose at home.  i'm brutally sarcastic which, at times, can be rather biting and hurtful. 
why, then, am i suprised when she does the same thing? how's that fair? 
i'm going to try to look at her "annoying habits" from now on as a reflection of my identical "annoying habits".  maybe, if i change the model, she'll follow suit...